An Early Morning Run Round Edinburgh In Spring

Today I woke up naturally (or was it the baby wailing as he was being fed by his dad) and I just felt ready. Time to get up. Daylight was creeping in through the curtains. I looked at the clock, it was 6 o’clock. Welllll, I could just lie here another hour…..

“Nah! Sod that! Let’s up and at ’em!”

Up I got, splashed cold water on my face, and pulled on all my warmest jogging gear. Including woolly hat and gloves.

Outside, it was truly baltic! Woo! It was icy in the wind. The hills in the distance were all snowy and looked like a ski resort.

Then the sun came out and I realised it must be about the 21st March, Spring Equinox or thereabouts? – equal night and day, a time of balance and looking forward, and I wanted to start running so I did and it felt amazing…



The roads were clear and shimmering with light:


I shoulda brought my shades!


I noticed the trees were beautifully backlit and bare, “and cast long shadows everywhere” –



Edinburgh city skyline was looking as glorious as ever with the castle silhouette (just) captured –




On my iPod was playing We Are All Made of Stars by Moby.

“People they come together,

People they fall apart,

No one can stop us now,

‘Cause we are all made of stars…”

As I ran back up the hill being energised by the sun I wondered what Brian Cox was thinking.


I LOVE being out at dawn before most people are up, just doing my thang at sunrise! I love spring.

Then I nipped back into my house to my baby and had a refreshing breakfast of grapefruit juice and fruit and nuts.


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