Here is the city where I live! Edinburgh. It has its ups and downs (literally – the cobbled streets can be steep!) but overall it has lots going for it. I like living here. (Apart from the cold.)

Here is my summary, then:


Edinburgh-old-tenements-quoteIt is full of tourists, trams and tartan. I can’t claim to be over-enamoured by the latter two; however I do quite like the tourists. I have always lived in a touristy location so I think I would actually miss them if I lived in a place without them. They are fascinating, with their cameras, languages, customs and expressions of wonderment – so in a way making me feel less blasé about the place where I live.

I used to live by the beach. But we can’t live at the beach forever. Jobs and education take us inland, to the smoke and to the bright lights. My ancestors and relatives practically all lived there, romanced there, studied there, worked there in offices. It seemed small and cultural and full of interesting old craggy shapes to draw.

And that was how I moved to the city.



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