Welcome to my personal site, anniecopland.com – where I’ll be sharing my thoughts, knowledge and opinion articles with you.

  • Interested in many facets of life; ideas-loving, intellectually curious, self-motivated learner; drawn to seeking knowledge and information from a vast range of disparate fields. The natural sciences fascinate me, as do languages. Main interests: stats/information/patterns, classification, maths/logic, geometry, languages, philosophy, natural sciences, culture, technology, innovation and design.
  • Science Dux, BEng (Hons) degree in Chemical Engineering, (prize-winning research thesis); postgraduate Diploma in Landscape Architecture at art college, self-taught in programming/coding, passionate about learning and ideas.

Writing, drawing and design have always been my main tangible outputs for my thought processes in life. Long before blogs were invented I always scrapbooked and diarised things that captured my imagination and fascinated me – I hope they are of interest to you too. Watch this space as my site grows.

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