Thoughts on Recurring Dreams

Last night I had a dream about climbing mountains, coming out of my shell, and conquering inner demons. (Everyone has inner demons or flaws of some sort so don’t tell me you don’t!)

You know those dreams you have that are so lucid, so vivid, so real, so evocative, so particular! – they seem to spell out everything that is your inner heart’s subconscious’s desire. Those ultra-real dreams that seem to bang you over the head and go, “OI, dufus!” – that when you wake up, you actually physically have to jump out of your bed feet-first while your head’s still asleep like Wallace in The Wrong Trousers and set to action IMMEDIATELY!


This was one of those dreams.

It was one of my recurring dreams. That I was standing on top of Mount Everest. It was dizzying and narrow and precarious (I’ve never been up there by the way, this is just a fictional imagination of a mountain). It had a small wooden rotating platform at the top that only one or two people could stand on at any one time, and it was unstable. But what a view!

I was with a wise man, a person that imparted thoughts and constructive wisdom to me on how to achieve.

When I woke up, I thought:

“It is usually not something else that stands in the way of our getting what we want; it is quite often ourselves.”


Be explicit in what you want. “Know thyself” and tell.

Some people think that emails, Facebook and business pragmatism are the most important things.
I think that dreams – especially recurring ones that visit you with some regularity – are more important than any of the above.


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