Thought For The Day: Purpose Statement

How can you hope to know what to do with your hands, brain or spirit if you have no belief system, no goals, no mission, no idea of ‘WHAT IT IS I STAND FOR’?

You need to draw something up! In my view and experience there are plenty of clowns out there trying to distract you and get you to play ball. Your job is to stick fast to your plan. Here is one of the quotes I have on my wall, a statement about what I believe in, things I could never change about myself because they are so much ingrained in my fabric, a sort of purpose statement if you like (and this is just an excerpt of the full thing):

“I believe passionately about finding things out for yourself. I believe passionately in ALWAYS questioning the norm, and NEVER just lying down and ‘accepting’ things as they come. That is what monkeys do. But we are human beings, with a questioning mind, and so we should always question things and try to make them better. I passionately believe in self-improvement too, I never think we should rest on our intellectual laurels. If tomorrow is not better than today, in some way, intellectually or philosophically, then we have failed as a human being. Why? Why? Why? I am always asking why, and thinking of how things could be improved. I don’t understand people that are too lazy to self-improve, whether mentally or physically, and I feel I have nothing in common with them.”

Annie Copland

It takes a while to consider what ‘makes you YOU’ but until you crack that little nut you have no hope of achieving your life’s work!


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