Monday Motivation

I thought we’d start the week with a quick piece of Monday motivation!

My husband and I were just sitting over breakfast the other day and discussing things – where we were going, what we were doing, career ambitions, etc. We discussed where we were going right, and where we were going wrong; where we needed to improve. We talked about the fact that while any of us may have talents, or skills, or ambitions to achieve, these are useless without a bit of ‘push’ or promotion. Conversation:

– ‘Why are you not pushing yourself harder?’

– ‘I don’t know. I’m modest. I’m shy!’

– ‘Bullcr*p. That’ll get you nowhere in life!’

We therefore came up with a few things that we all need to succeed:


Point 1 is probably the hardest thing we need to grow if we are to achieve what we most want in life; I know it is for me! But growing a set of brass plums really is a pre-requisite for achieving anything out of the ordinary in life. It’s a bit of ‘having a leap of faith’, taking a leap into the unknown, plucking up courage, ‘doing something a bit crazy’, and stopping being so afraid of the worst that might happen all the time.

Point 2 will come with Point 1. I always call confidence canfidence – it is simply doing something or being something you can do, and are therefore very sure about.

Point 3 I have in abundance, it’s just it can be difficult to sustain it when we are all so easily sidetracked these days or swayed by stuff that is unimportant or distracting. Staying true to your own unique goals is essential. So de-clutter your ‘head space’ and remember what you want to achieve.

And Point 4 is very misunderstood in society. Leadership is sometimes portrayed as standing up in front of the House of Commons as an MP or Prime Minister, doing public speaking or making decisions on behalf of the country, or else as some brash, cocky, ‘gift of the gab’ type Alpha-male megalomaniac charmer, strutting his or her stuff in the boardroom. I used to think that this was the only type of person who could be a leader. Hmph. All the rest of us without possession of these natural bullish traits would just have to sit round the meeting table and watch. Now I realise of course that this is not the case at all. Leaders are everywhere, and come in all personality types – and I am sure you can only truly lead once you truly know yourself.

Have a successful Monday!


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